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Youth Girls Softball

Canon-McMillan Youth Girls Softball

Skills & Drills


"Every Days"
These are the skills that players should be doing every day as part of their warm up routines.
This video will show you examples of some of the "Every Day" drills.

Popup Communication
Watch this video to see how you can do a drill on Pop Ups and get the most repetition out of your team.

1st and 3rd Defense (Fast Pitch)

Learn a 1st and 3rd Defense strategy used by the USA Team and sponsored by ASA.  This strategy is used to prevent the runner on 3rd from scoring as the girl on 1st steals 2nd, and possibly throw the runner stealing 2nd out.

Defensive Diving Drills
Use this simple diving drill to teach players how to make diving plays in the infield.
Similar for outfield, this video will demonstrate a simple repetition drill.

Double Play at 2nd Base Video
This is a very good explanation on how to best turn the double play at 2nd base.

Infield - Relays
This video demonstrates a good drill to use in practicing footwork when taking relay throw.

Infield - Four Corner Quick Catch
Use this drill to help with footwork when doing different kinds of turns when throwing around the bases.

Outfield - Relays
This video demonstrates a good drill to use to practice balls off the outfield fence and throws to the relay person.

Outfield - Running Through the Ball
This video demonstrates the importance and benefit of outfielders fielding the ball on the run.


Baserunning - Home to First Video
This video provides some useful tips on how to make the most out of your hit and giving you the best advantage to advance to the next base.

Gripping the Bat
This handout explains the importance of the grip on the bat.

Hitting Drill - One Arm Drills
This 4-minute video helps players understand how it can benefit them to lead with the elbow. 

Hitting - Pitch Count Strategy
This article will teach you how to approach the plate depending on the count.

Hitting - Slap Hitting Video
Watch this video to learn Contact Slapping.

Sliding - Head First vs. Feet First
In this video, Dave Peters, professor of mechanical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis discusses the physics of sliding in baseball and the benefits and challenges of sliding head first vs. feet first


Catcher Drill - Block and Up Video
This drill helps the catcher learn how to quickly block a pitch that has been thrown in the dirt and then quickly get back up.

Catcher Drill - Location Movement Video
This drill helps the catcher to learn to keep her head over the ball and keep her balance on side-to-side movement.

Catcher Drill - Transition Footwork Video
This drill helps the catcher to learn how to get to her feet quickly and get into throwing position when needed for a stealing runner or a pick off.

Pitching (Fast Pitch)

Pitcher Mechanics - Wrist Snaps and Spin (Fast Pitch)
In this video, Cat Osterman will provide her view on the importance of the wrist snap and the amount of spin on the ball when pitching.

Pitching - Getting Started (Fast Pitch)
This 8-day lesson plan will help you get started with fast pitch pitching.

Pitching Chart - What To Throw (Fast Pitch)
This chart will help you as a coach, pitcher and/or catcher to learn about what pitches to throw to a batter.

Coaching Aids

If you would like to make the BIGGEST impact on your kids and your family, you must read this article (6 Words You Should Say Today)!  It can change your life!

Batting Lineup Form
This form may be helpful in assigning players to positions for each inning.

Outfield - Situations
This aid will help you teach the outfielders were to make the play in different situations.
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